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4G (LTE) modems


Powerful cellular high-speed industrial 4G LTE modems provide wireless connectivity for fast information transfer. Internet connection is provided by inserted SIM card. The LTE modem allows connect the network to the Internet via mobile data. We offer modems and industrial routers with GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE, CDMA, EVDO technologies.

LTE or Long Term Evolution is the successor to the 3G network. Coverage in the Czech Republic is almost 100%. LTE uses several bands, the most common frequency in the Czech Republic is 800 MHz.

The industrial LTE 4G modem is tailored for use in an industry where easy connection of remote devices over the Internet is needed. There is no need for a cable connection to modems. Thanks to LTE connectivity via an inserted SIM card with a data plan, 4G modem can work independently even in a remote environment where the introduction of a wired internet connection would be difficult or costly to implement.

Cellular 4G modems use the standard of 4G networks.

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An LTE modem, also known as a fourth-generation modem, is a device that enables high-speed wireless internet connectivity using the fourth-generation mobile network technology, commonly referred to as LTE.

An LTE modem is a pivotal device that enables swift and seamless wireless internet connectivity through the fourth-generation mobile network.

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