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Power supplies and batteries


In the M2M accessories category we offer DIN rail power supplies and backup batteries with rechargeable automatics. You can also select an open-end power adapter or with a connector.

A power supply is a device that converts AC voltage from the AC power supply to the low voltage required to power an electronic device. The power supply can also have the characteristics of a power adapter that can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet.

Power supplies are used in a wide range of applications, from common appliances and electronic devices to industrial systems and technology. A properly designed and reliable power supply is crucial for the stability and proper functioning of electronic devices, in all areas, from households to complex industrial processes.

We offer a wide portfolio of accessories for M2M equipment. Antennas, RFID readers for product tracking and storage management, RFID tags, adapters, data and power cables, SIM card readers, batteries, consoles, brackets and more.

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M2M (Machine to Machine) allows you to communicate between connected devices without human intervention, either wirelessly or cable. 

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