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GPS / GLONASS / GNSS receivers


These are very accurate systems used for positioning, measuring the speed of moving objects and time.

Depending on location and frequency, these systems can be categorized as: Navstar GPS (USA), Glonass (Russia), Galileo (European Union), Beidou 2 / Compass (China). We are the official distributors of professional receivers of companies like Telit Cinterion and Protempis ( formerly TRIMBLE). These devices are of industrial quality and aim at achieving high quality of transmitted information and measured results. All instruments enable accurate mapping and productive data collection on a professional level to all users and operators of the geographic information system (GIS). They offer up to centimeter accuracy and very high reliability. Accurate or otherwise called GNSS instruments are now quite simple devices the size of a larger phone, which can be complemented by an external GPS antenna capable of receiving more accurate corrections from ground stations.

We offer comprehensive integrated solutions and specialized design with the emphasis on maximum performance needed to support the wide range of equipment and applications required by our customers and partners for specialized or custom hardware solutions.

Integrators can use a variety of GNSS and wireless modules to serve today’s diverse market. A wide range of applications include, for example, autonomous vehicle control, energy, agriculture, robotics, avionics, port automation, maritime, oil and gas mining and many other opportunities.

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