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Consoles and holders


In our range of accessories for M2M we have a large selection of consoles and brackets, which are intended for example mounting on a DIN rail. 

The main purpose of the antenna holder is to ensure a stable and reliable attachment of the antenna in a given place. This ensures a solid connection between the antenna and the signal source and minimizes the risk of signal interference. The antenna holder also serves to protect the antenna from damage and adverse weather conditions such as strong wind, rain or snow. Thanks to this, the antenna is protected from possible damage and can work reliably and for a long time.

A console for routers allows you to mount a router or other device on a wall, ceiling or other surface. Router mounting brackets can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the different types of routers and environments in which they will be used. Some consoles are designed specifically for certain router models, while others are universal and compatible with various devices.

We offer a wide portfolio of accessories for M2M equipment. Antennas, RFID readers for product tracking and storage management, RFID tags, adapters, data and power cables, SIM card readers, batteries and more.

M2M (Machine to Machine) allows you to communicate between connected devices without human intervention, either wirelessly or cable. 

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