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AC charging station for electric car


We offer AC charging stations for safe charging of electric cars. AC charging stations use alternating current (AC) for charging. The vehicle first converts this current to direct current and then stores it in the battery. The battery charging time is 1 - 3 hours and offers a maximum output of 22 kW. The stations are equipped with various activation and identification systems (start / stop system - automatically, RFID cards, RFID key fobs, RFID chip). SMART devices can be controlled using remote servers (application or Olife Energy cloud).

Compared to DC charging stations, the AC stations are more cost-effective. Some AC chargers allow charging with two cables (with optional Mennekes or CHAdeMO connectors) so two vehicles can be charged at the same time. Thanks to their properties, they are ideal for installation in smaller companies, petrol stations and public car parks.

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