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RF connectors


Coaxial RF cable connectors are an important part of quality cable adaptors. The coaxial connector provides an easy and reliable connection between the coaxial cable and equipment such as televisions, radios, antennas, network devices and other electronic devices. To ensure reconnection and disconnection, cable connectors must be accurate in size and have a top surface finish. A clear conductive contact must be provided electrically. It is also important to ensure abrasion resistance of the contacts and to maintain electrical properties even after repeated connections and disconnections. By carefully selecting the materials and geometries of the contact elements, we can achieve the reliability of these properties.

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Wide range of cable, panel and PCB RF connectors for M2M antennas. Try the Antenna Cable Configurator to design a cable with custom parameters.

The body of the cable coaxial connector is a mechanical part made of plastic and metal mouldings, which provides mechanical connection to the device and insulation properties to the environment. The basic and most commonly used shape of the contact elements of the cable coaxial connector is a circular pin and a socket. They are also called male/female connectors.

The connectors are further divided into straight, angled and others according to the parameters according to the needs of mounting and properties. We offer BNC, FAKRA, FME, GSC, HFL, IPEX-MHX, MCCARD, MCX, MCX-RP, MMCX, N, SMA, SMA-RP, SMB, SMP, TNC, U.FL connectors.

With a wide selection of connectors, we guarantee quality and availability in stock. When selecting, we pay attention to the excellent transmission and mechanical properties of the offered cable connectors. In the assortment we have products of the best world brands.

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