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Portable chargers and adaptors


If you own an electric car, then a portable charger should allways be a part of your equipment. Thanks to this charger, charging an electric car will be much easier, faster and at a low price. The portable charging station prepares your electric car for every journey and can travel with you in a simple suitcase. There is no more convenient charging as when you charge your electric car at home in the garage or at work. You don't need public charging stations at all.

The SECTRON Portable Charger with charging power 11 kW has a practical display that shows the rated current, voltage, current charging power, charger temperature, charging time and already charged power to the car. We offer same model with charging power 22 kW.

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We also offer a wide range of adaptors for portable charger. With adaptors, you can expand the possibilities of using the charger with additional sockets, such as three-pin sockets in campsites, or 230 V home sockets.

Overview of compatible adaptors for AC chargers

Overview of compatible adaptors for AC charger 11 kW

Overview of compatible adaptors for AC charger 22 kW

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