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Telit Cinterion


Telit Cinterion is an IoT Enabler providing IoT modules, edge-to-cloud services including connectivity plans, IoT SIMs, IoT embedded software and PaaS IoT deployment managed services. It operates two business units: IoT modules and subscriptions & managed services.

Telit Cinterion offers a broad portfolio of solutions, services and platforms for M2M and IoT applications, enabling businesses and people to trust in our connected world. Thales Gemalto offers the technology elements that customers need to simplify and to accelerate the development and ensure the security, reliability and longevity of M2M and IoT solutions.

With over 20 years of IoT innovation experience, Telit delivers award-winning secure and integrated IoT solutions. Telit IoT experts have pioneered a successful end-to-end system approach to ensure all the pieces work together. Telit was established in 1986 as Telital and began manufacturing and marketing products under the Telit brand in 1997. Telit launched their first M2M module in 1998. Company is based in Irvine, California, USA with key operations in the US, Brazil, Italy, Israel, and Korea.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is improving the way we work and live. But this is only possible with an omnipresent, flexible and long-term wireless connection. The heart of all of it is a small device called IoT module, which is responsible for connecting practically anything to wireless networks. The IoT modules come with a variety of wireless technology standards and provide a variety of functions that can impact on the success of IoT applications. So, how do you choose the right IoT module for your solution?

An IoT module is a small electronic device embedded in objects, machines and things that connect to wireless networks and send and receive data. An IoT module, sometimes referred to as a radio chip, contains the same technology and data circuitry as in mobile phones, but without features such as a display or a keyboard. Another key feature of IoT modules is that they always provide connectivity. This is because an IoT application needs to send data automatically, in real time, without anyone pressing the send button. In addition, they are designed for extreme durability and longevity and must work continuously for ten or more years.

Telit Cinterion modules are available for implementation in the final device as a component, or as a separate terminal, or as a PCi card.

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