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Telit Cinterion LN920: Powerful cellular IoT module for seamless communication

The Telit Cinterion LN920 M2 data card belongs to Telit's family of high-frequency data cards. It is an M2 (NGFF) module, the development of which is directed towards' > 5G technologies. The LN920 card supports a wide range of LTE frequency bands. The high-speed category CAT 12 with 600 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload or the slower CAT 6 technology are available. However, the module also offers the older 3G/HSPA+ technology and a GNSS receiver for positioning. The card can be used in high-performance applications thanks to the Qualcomm® Snapdragon® X12 chipset, with the WCDMA fallback backup technology, high-speed USB 3.0, support of up to 3× CA DL (CAT 12) and support of two SIMs (Dual-SIM interface). We definitely see the implementation in industrial and consumer applications, where a stable data connection or location information are needed. The temperature range of the device corresponds to precise industrial quality from -40 °C up to 85 °C.

Variability and flexibility first:

The Telit company offers the LN920 data card in multiple variants that differ in maximum throughput, allowing customers to choose exactly the module that suits their specific needs in the field of IoT projects the best.

The data card is equipped with two MHF-4 RF connectors for the combination of LTE/WCDMA and GNSS, and with one MHF-4 RP connector for the GNSS receiver. The MHF connectors are compatible with U.FL connectors and fit into applications where there is very little space.

Performance and speed at the highest level:

The Telit Cinterion LN920 provides high data transfer rates and sufficient performance for industrial applications that require fast and reliable communication. Using the Downlink Carrier Aggregation (DL CA) technology, it can aggregate multiple downlink signal carriers at the same time, which significantly increases the overall capacity and data transfer speed of the network.

Safety and control:

Telit developed this module to meet the highest security standards such as data encryption, user authorization. The LN920 card management itself offers remote management and device diagnostics, including a remote firmware update. These advantages definitely make it easier for operators to maintain the device.

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